In case you didn’t get to read the story when it started, here are links……. PART ONE.......... PART TWO.... PART TWO RELOADED... PART THREE....   “Catch you at the top and remember I am getting close to it! This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Part Four will catalogue … Continue reading JOURNEY TO THE TOP- PART FOUR


A Birthday Letter

📃✍🏾 My Dear beloved Friend, In a hurry to go for Mass this morning, let me cease the opportunity to underscore the relevance of today. I, together with the many joyous hearts, celebrate you. Bil is a brother, a go-getter and one who's unapologetic for stopping at any thing but to follow his dreams. Our … Continue reading A Birthday Letter


News of your passing pierced my heart like a needle A moment I've dreaded all my life An inevitable part of life that is difficult to accept As I watch you wrapped in this white cloth Your beautiful smile just popped up in my mind A smile I'll never see again Why did you have … Continue reading TEARS RUN DRY

In Your Embrace

In your embrace Time stands still and my burden Is taken away and replaced with hope Fears and worries piled up for years All disappear and replaced with joyous tears  I ask myself if this is real But my mind will not for a second feel A slight sense of doubt that I am At … Continue reading In Your Embrace

Reflections 28- How did I get here?

They say pour your heart out and set your soul free but is it crucial at this point? Sometimes it’s better to bottle things up for a period and pour it all out when you feel the time is due. I may not be where I should be, but I certainly don’t think I’m in … Continue reading Reflections 28- How did I get here?


Ghana’s capital Accra has evolved over the years with the emergence of high rise buildings, expansion of road networks into dual carriageways and some improvement in social amenities. The capital which has about 2 million population has many people residing in slums due to harsh economic conditions and high cost of rent for a decent … Continue reading LIVING IN ACCRA’S SLUM- NIMA


Ghana’s media landscape is undoubtedly a growing one with much push needed to provide quality and effective reportage of social and economic issues affecting the nation. Currently, most media houses in the country are partisan in their discourse and this affects the standards of journalism. There is a need for Journalists to practice the profession … Continue reading GHANA’S MEDIA LANDSCAPE TO SEE QUALITY REPORTAGE BY ISJ CERTIFICATE JOURNALISTS